Working together - learning from each other - winning together.

To be the best in the competition is one of the foundations for business success. Corporate ethics and sustainable development are a prerequisite for a company's activities in an environment of scarce resources in a global society.

The investments made by kitchen specialists in 2009 were above average, this was confirmed by numerous new business openings and the general philosophy of the implementation of the module network. The individuality of the entrepreneur in their region, the promotion of professional strengths and a strong market position in an ever-changing world is at the forefront of our work with member companies.

Lifting - The Küchenrenovierer and specialist appliances were added which opened up new buyers.

Cucini - The Family Kitchen is an innovative development emphasizing the unique position of the kitchen specialists of DER KREIS.

Kitchen 3000 is aimed at increasing the awareness of quality in the market.


With the partner module Varia – we introduced a new sophisticated and comprehensive approach, and have seen immediate success from day one.


The website is tailored to the growing information needs of the consumer. The high traffic to the website confirms the effectiveness of this sophisticated marketing tool.


This is further reinforced by @ ktivwebcenter, the exclusive every day web tool for DER KREIS members, leading to more customer traffic.